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NCF7: Reducing the negative impact of flooding on the Vietnamese society

Photo: Phan Thi Thanh Thuy, Schmidt Marketing Vietnam
Photo: Ole Pedersen, Cold A/S
Reducing the vast economic and humanitarian impact of flooding in Vietnam through introducing an innovative flood prevention system

Reducing the negative impact of flooding on the Vietnamese society in Vietnam
Ref: NDF C96


Nordic Partner: Cold A/S
Local Partners: Schmidt Vietnam JSC, EME JSC
Total Project Cost: EUR 768,292
NCF Financing: EUR 499,390
Agreement Signed: 8 June 2018
Project type: Adaptation
Duration:  24 months

Flooding is the single most common natural disaster in Southeast Asia as well as the disaster with the highest economic and humanitarian impact. As the climate continues to change, it is vital to adopt new, more effective flood prevention approaches in order to reduce the massive damages caused by flooding.
Cold A/S has developed an innovative and much more effective alternative to the traditional use of sandbags. The system is easy to handle and quick to set up and remove. It can be handled by just two people and it is easily employed over longer distances. In addition, the system is reusable and has no environmental impact.
With grants from the Nordic Climate Facility programme, Cold A/S will introduce the innovative flood prevention system in Vietnam. Over the next two years, Cold A/S will work closely together with their local partners HITC, a member of the Schmidt Group of Companies, and EME as well as the local disaster management agencies to adapt the system to local conditions and bring awareness to the effective mobile flood prevention system. Because of the project, Cold A/S will be able to demonstrate new ways of managing a quick and effective flood response to the Vietnamese society and thereby significantly reduce and prevent the negative impacts caused by flooding in Vietnam.
Expected key results
• A system that is adapted to the specific local conditions in close cooperation with end-users (municipalities, villages and SMEs)
• Awareness of the innovative flood prevention system through demonstrations in flooded areas
• An improved Vietnamese flood management response through providing the local Vietnamese disaster management agencies with our quick and effective mobile flood prevention barrier