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Climate change is increasing risks and impacts in all parts of the world economy, particularly in developing countries where there is less capacity to adapt. By 2030, the cost of making climate-vulnerable business sectors resilient is expected to be in the billions per year. Given that public action alone will not be sufficient to address the scale of this threat, this cost will largely be borne by the private sector, which will also be tasked with developing the innovative products and services needed to drive resilience. However, in private markets, where there is a very large challenge there is also a very large opportunity and businesses stepping up to increase their resilience or to create new climate-resilient products, services and business models, will be well-positioned to safeguard their own future as well as take the lead on transforming entire economic systems.
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The Climate Resilience and Adaptation Finance and Technology Transfer Facility (CRAFT) is the first commercial investment vehicle dedicated to expanding globally the availability of technologies and solutions for climate change adaptation and climate resilience.
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Climate Investor One (CIO) is a “whole-of-life” financing facility mandated with delivering renewable energy infrastructure projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The main objective of CIO is to contribute in a significant manner to global climate change mitigation efforts by financing profitable and sustainable renewable energy projects in developing countries.
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The objective of CRAFT will be to create a diversified portfolio of investments in private companies developing and producing products and solutions that help assess and manage the physical risks and impacts of climate change. CRAFT will target investments in two types of companies: resilience intelligence companies and resilience products & services companies.
The Nordic Climate Facility (NCF) is a challenge fund set up in 2009 to finance early stage climate change projects in developing countries. NCF aims to build a portfolio of innovative business concepts which have been tested, proved viable and are ready to be scaled-up and replicated. NCF is financed and managed by the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). More information: nordicclimatefacility.com Project portfolio Read about individual NCF projects
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This project will support an assessment of the market for climate resilience in two key sectors in three large developing countries, one each in Latin America, Africa and Asia.
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The project aims to demonstrate, by publication of practical examples, the role of social analysis in designing effective and equitable responses to climate change in developing countries.
The Nordic climate Facility (NCF) aims at building partnerships between the Nordic countries and NDF’s partner countries on climate change adaptation and mitigation.