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CONSULTANT: Urban Climate Change Adaptation Consultant

Planning session with urban authorities. Photo: ESCI/IDB
Wednesday, 11 November, 2015
The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) is looking for an experienced consultant to work with the Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative in Latin America

The Nordic Development Fund (NDF) is co-financing the “Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative, ESCI” together with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). ESCI employs a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the challenges facing the urban areas of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), integrating environmental sustainability, comprehensive urban development, fiscal sustainability and good governance.

NDF and IDB are now looking for a qualified consultant to contribute to ESCI’s activities related to: Climate change and adaptation. The candidate will provide intellectual and technical contributions climate change adaptation actions for cities in the program, and will support the implementation and executions of related interventions at city level. The Consultant will be part of the ESCI Coordinating Team based in Washington DC, and will work on cities in the Program. The position will involve travel from Washington to selected LAC cities. It is also expected that this position will participate in the training and institutional capacity building seminars of the ESCI Program in the LAC region.

Scope of Work: The urban climate change adaptation consultant will participate, and lead as necessary, in the following activities:

i. Identify climate change mitigation and adaptation actions for ESCI cities, coordinating with the Consulting Firms in charge of the preparation of the Climate Change and Urban Growth studies included in the ESCI Methodology.

ii. Share relevant knowledge, skills and experiences from cities in Nordic counties regarding urban adaptation and climate resilience;

iii. Mainstream climate change adaptation issues and projects into the city Action Plans, and work closely with IDB sectoral and city experts in corresponding project pipeline development.

iv. Monitor and follow up progress on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change negotiations, share best practice and innovative solutions regarding urban adaptation, as well as general developments in urban climate change adaptation research and practice. Contribute two articles per month to the ESCI Blog on these and other climate change topics.

v. Contribute to general program management, by collaborating the coordination of the Climate Change studies in ESCI’s selected cities, including preparation of Terms of Reference, evaluation of proposals, management of the contracting process, conducting the technical dialogue with the selected firms, monitoring and reviewing the outputs, ensuring final delivery of the products, and maintaining consultations with city counterparts.

vi. Assist in developing a handbook in Spanish on different adaptation solutions for cities that face flooding, sea level rise, heat waves, and drought.

vii. General support for program implementation to the Office of the General Coordinator of the ESCI program as well as to the Infrastructure and Climate Change Sector Coordinator of the ESCI program.


  • Academic Degree/level and years of professional experience: Master Degree / 5-10 years of professional experience.
  • Language: English / Spanish
  • Areas of expertise: adaptation, climate change and climate resilience
  • Good knowledge about Nordic urban climate solutions and and hands-on experience from work in a Nordic city on climate change adaptation solutions
  • Skills: strong interpersonal and teamwork, proactive, results-oriented, creative professional that has worked with public and private sectors, international organizations and NGOs.

Characteristics of the position

  • Defined Term Contractual (DTC)
  • Contract Duration: 2 years (extendable to 1 more year subject to performance and funding availability for the position)
  • Place of work: IDB Headquarters in Washington, DC.

More information about the position can be obtained from Aage Jørgensen, Country Program Manager, E-mail: aage.jorgensen@ndf.fi

How to apply
Cover letter and CV should be sent by e-mail to: jobapplications@ndf.fi no later than 11 November 2015.

More information
Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative (ESCI) II [NDF C68]